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Walt Disney movies have brought us all so many great film memories and unforgettable vacations. Whether it is animated disney movies, disney channel movies or the popular disney classics, you'll find them all here.

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WATCH: ‘Sloth Trailer’ for Upcoming ‘Zootopia’!
Zootopia-logoWhat would the world be like if the world was filled with animals in every day ‘human’ roles, rather than…us? In what is aimed to be the most anthropomorphic film in years, Disney is aimed to release the new animated feature Zootopia in 3D on March 4, 2016! Want a sneak peak? Here’s one of the […]

Sale! The Good Dinosaur Arlo and Spot Pop! Vinyl Figures for $17.99
FU6391-FU6392-2TDid you see The Good Dinosaur this weekend? If so, make sure you visit our page and submit your ratings. Wildcard Toys has a selection of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, including an Arlo and Spot bundle which helps you save a few bucks on buying them individually.

Catch ‘The Good Dinosaur’ in Theaters Now!
65428The newest Disney/Pixar film to hit the box office is a prehistoric tale that is sure to create all the same lore as every other single Pixar film period. Haha, seriously, can these guys do any wrong? If Rotten Tomatoes has anything to say about it…nope! The Good Dinosaur opens in theaters worldwide this week […]

WATCH: World Premiere Trailer of ‘Captain America: Civil War’!
Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 6.30.44 PMAll’s good in the world of Marvel, right? Well, maybe not… Marvel owns the box office with the teamwork fashioned by the Avengers, but coming up in May we’ll catch a glimpse of some serious tension on the team in Captain America: Civil War! Tony Stark vs. Steve Rodgers. One word. Epic! Enjoy the worldwide premiere […]

WATCH: New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ TV Spot!
Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.35.21 PMGet ready…this one may be the most exciting yet. Enjoy the fifth Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV spot that recently hit the boob tube. This time we get to focus a little more on Finn. Enjoy! Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just a few weeks away, as it opens December 18, 2015! -M@

Top 25 Disney Movies

  1. Lion King, The - 91.21
  2. Aladdin - 89.87
  3. Beauty and the Beast - 89.45
  4. Inside Out - 88.51
  5. Little Mermaid, The - 88.22
  6. Finding Nemo - 88.17
  7. Toy Story - 88.04
  8. Tangled - 87.96
  9. Spirited Away - 87.8
  10. Monsters, Inc - 87.62
  11. Mary Poppins - 87.49
  12. Big Hero 6 - 87.32
  13. Frozen - 87.31
  14. Lady and the Tramp - 87.29
  15. Up - 87.14
  16. Song of the South - 87.11
  17. Mulan - 87.05
  18. Toy Story 3 - 87.04
  19. Sleeping Beauty - 87.02
  20. Peter Pan - 86.96
  21. Robin Hood - 86.96
  22. Cinderella - 86.76
  23. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - 86.42
  24. Fox and the Hound, The - 86.42
  25. Wall E - 86.42

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Theatres News!

The Good Dinosaur 11/25/2015
The Jungle Book 04/15/2016
Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass 05/27/2016
Finding Dory 06/18/2016
Moana 11/23/2016
Zootopia 2016
POTC: Dead Men Tell No Tales 2016

Coming to DVD / Blu-Ray!

Inside Out Nov. 3rd

Now on DVD / Blu-Ray!

Tomorowland Oct. 13
Cinderella Sept. 15
McFarland, USA June 2
Into the Woods March 24

Future Disney Movies!

Jungle Cruise TBD
Magic Kindgom TBD
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo TBD
Tink TBD
National Treasure 3 TBD
Swiss Family Robinson (Remake) Rumor
Toy Story 4 TBD