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Disney Channel's Austin & Ally

Austin & Ally

Seasons: Current Year: 2011 - Present
Original Run: December 2, 2011

Cast: Ross Lynch, Laura Marano and Raini Rodriguez

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Show Description

The success of previous Disney Channel sitcoms Sonny With a Chance and Jonas served as a training ground for writer-producers Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, who are behind one of Disney's most recent offerings, Austin & Ally.

With the fun and sun of Miami as backdrop, friends Austin Moon and Ally Dawson are a successful songwriting/performing team, despite their diametrically opposed personalities. Austin is the epitome of an extrovert, always seeking out the spotlight, while Ally is the definition of introverted, supremely talented but paralyzed when the bright lights shine her way.

Ross Lynch (Austin) is always one step away from adolescent hijinks, constantly having to be reined in by either Ally or one of their friends, while Laura Marano as Ally, lends just the right amount of neurotic behavior to her portrayal, providing an effective balance between the two aspiring superstars.

Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy, as the title pair's best friends and confidants, are also well-cast, helping to give Austin & Ally an atmosphere of realism that has served it well.

Trailer/Scene from Austin & Ally