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Disney Infinity Monsters University Playset

Disney Infinity Monsters University Playset

Disc Description

Monsters University has joined the Disney Infinity roster of classic playsets, with players able to enjoy hours of Disney-themed fun whether using Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, WiiU or Xbox 360.

Interactive and mix-and-match gaming is all the rage with the latest generation of video games, and with the Infinity base, players can bring to life their favorite characters (Sulley, Mike and Randy) from the Monsters franchise, guide them on campus hijinks, and wreak havoc along sorority row. MU's fierce rivals, the aptly-named Fear Tech, finding themselves on the receiving end of innovative pranks from the MU Crew. The rambunctious trio have their favorite gadgets along for the ride, including Mike's Bike and their signature Launchers (Give 'Em a Hand, Phone It In and the Toilet Paper) to assist them in spreading their unique brand of shenanigans.

Monsters U. can also be upgraded to near-ridiculous levels with Power Discs, and with the Playsets' popular mix-and-match feature, combining the terrible trio with other iconic Disney characters allows players to create previously unimaginable "teams" that provide entertainment and adventure for all ages.

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