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Disney's Genius


G | 82 min | Saturday, August 21, 1999

Cast: Trevor Morgan, Emmy Rossum, Charles Fleischer

Movie Description

Directed by Rod Daniel, whose resume includes such successful films as Teen Wolf, K-9 and The Super, the Disney Channel Original Movie, Genius, involves a 14-year old college student who's struggling to maintain his "genius" status while also dealing with typical teenage issues such as girls and peer acceptance. Realizing that for whatever reason, girls his age seem to gravitate to the "bad boys," Charlie Boyle creates an alter-ego, Chaz Anthony, who is the epitome of the junior-high school slacker.

Pulling off two separate personas isn't easy, and Charlie/Chaz has to 'fess up to the ruse when the object of his affection (Claire) confronts him with her suspicions. Along with the adolescent subplot, Charlie's "genius" persona is faced with a potential disaster involving the college's particle accelerator and the university ice hockey squad, The Northern Lights. Trevor Morgan is convincing as the "genius/slacker," with an adequate performance also turned in by Emmy Rossum as the love interest.

Genre: Comedy Disney Channel

Disney Movie Rating:

79.11 out of 100. Total of 32 votes.

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