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Disney's Muppet Treasure Island

Muppet Treasure Island

G | 99 min | Friday, February 16, 1996

Cast: Tim Curry, Kevin Bishop, Billy Connolly, Jennifer Saunders

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  • Movie Description

    The lovable cast of Muppet characters Kermt the Frog, Miss Piggy, Rizzo, the Great Gonzo, and others find themselves sailing the open seas, battling pirates, and looking for hidden treasure. Full of swashbuckeling, delightful humor, and those irresistable Muppets, Muppet Treasure Island is entertaining for all ages.

    Genre: Adventure Comedy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    79.99 out of 100. Total of 102 votes.

    Notable Cast

    This film does not yet have notable Disney actors/actresses associated with it.

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